Confident Future Self Activation

A free-mini course to tap into your unstoppable future self and take action now!

About The Confident Future Self Activation...
Whether you connect to 'Her' as your Higher Self,  Your Inner Mentor  or  Your Soul Guide, there's a  future version of YOU that is truly unstoppable and knows exactly how to be in action, out in the world, pursuing the goals, projects and experiences that truly make you come alive.

But did you know... You can actually connect with this confident version of yourself anytime and call on her for guidance right here in the NOW to start going after the big things you want "one day"?!

Register for FREE access to the 'How To Active Your Confident Future Self" mini-course and receive:

> The Future Self Guided Visualization

> A Morning Ritual To Activate Your Unstoppable Future Self Any Time You Choose

> Instant Connection To The Amazing Version of YOU That Wants You To Win!

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Course Curriculum

Step 1: Introduction & How To
Tamika Auwai
Tamika Auwai
Your Spirit Meets Strategy Success Mentor

Your Spirit x Strategy Success Mentor

I love helping ambitious + creative women get to the heart of what they truly want in their life and business and going within to make it happen. Hang out with me to learn how to make your entrepreneurial vision REAL with simple, spirit-led strategies that cut your timeline and the 'drama' in half. We're here for a good time not a long time, love! Let's do this!

My Official Bio...

After a layoff, a baby, and an epiphany, Tamika Auwai, left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back…even after a failed first business left her young family with over $60K of debt. Instead, Tamika found the strength to pick herself up and began leveraging her intuition alongside her strategic marketing background to transform her life and business and help other big mission women do the same. 

Through her programs and mentoring, Tamika’s clients celebrate DRAMATIC SHIFTS. Shifts in how they approach growing their business and how they feel in the process —  the real ‘secret’ to creating the fulfillment and financial abundance you desire. 

Along with being an Marketing Mentor, a sassy Leo, and a self care junkie, Tamika Auwai is also a wife and a mama of two. She has appeared on local and national television in Canada, and has regularly appeared as a panelist on Huff Post Live. Learn more about Tamika at